How Energy Knect are helping their clients drive new business

August 3, 2020

With the evolving COVID-19 situation and its growing impact on the global economy, one of the biggest challenges that companies face right now is remaining competitive and protecting their market share position.

Traditional business development models such as live conferencing, networking events and workshops have all been disrupted due to the global pandemic. Moreover, marketing budgets have either been ceased or heavily-reduced as companies focus on liquidity.

According to a recent research survey conducted by McKinsey & Company (Global B2B Decision Maker Pulse Survey), it found that although B2B companies may believe that their focus on liquidity and other short- term concerns are justified, it could be costly. Their research suggests that companies are more likely to thrive if they act aggressively to capture market share during the downturns rather than wait for a recovery to begin. This agility, combined with a focus on customer value and support, often gives companies the first-mover advantage that other players cannot match. First movers during the current crises could emerge stronger in the next normal.

So how do companies remain competitive and sustain their market share position, and how can Energy Knect help with this?

Whilst traditional business development strategies have been disrupted and companies come under increased economic pressures, Energy Knect’s aim is to help their clients generate new business and identify new opportunities to remain competitive and sustain their market position. Energy Knect partner with you to help you save money, time and resources by using a collaboration of their vast industry experience, senior network, advisory committee and strategic partnerships.

We support our clients in the following areas;

  • Facilitation of new business relationships
  • Help you identify industry trends and opportunities by plugging you into our global resources and senior network
  • Client analysis and best practice methodology
  • Because we partner with the industry’s leading conferencing networks, we are able to keep you updated with multiple business development opportunities and options that are unbiased and suited to just about any budget
  • A free online industry networking tool to help you generate new business and find new opportunities remotely- register for free here.

To find out more about how we can support you and your team, please feel free to visit: Alternatively, feel free to ping us an email on , and we will gladly get in touch to explore ways of how we can support you and your team.