Energy Knect’s Expert Insight’s Newsletter, Vol 2

March 3, 2021

Wesley Johnson, Energy Knect

Welcome to Energy Knect’s Expert Insight Newsletter series where we aim to bring you the latest insights from some of the industry’s most influential leaders, best practice tips on how to grow your business and a series of event recommendations to help you augment your network and make more informed decisions.

In our latest newsletter edition, we caught up with Chris Starling from Holt Energy Advisors and discussed his thinking on how best to conduct due diligence on acquisition targets, balancing time, costs and feasibility in a COVID-19 environment.

We also offer you some insight into our learnings from our most recent research that identified the top three technologies that businesses of all sizes are leveraging to generate new business and revenue.

Please feel free to download our latest newsletter edition below.

EK Newsletter- Vol 2, 2021 download; EnergyKnect- Expert Insight Newsletter Vol 2, 2021