Our vision

To continuously innovate and deliver cutting-edge business development solutions that save our clients resources and delivers results.

The Challenge Imperative & Our Approach


The Energy industry is evolving; requiring us all to work smarter, reduce costs and be more efficient in our business processes. Deciding which targets to pursue and strategies to employ to develop new business is a high stakes decision. A good strategy, well implemented, can drive high levels of growth and profitability.

While it’s obvious that companies need business development to thrive, they face challenges in identifying the right business development strategies that can lead to sustainable performance and growth.

Our Approach

At Energy Knect we believe that every client we work with deserves a tailored approach to their unique challenges and goals. Our extensive experience, business knowledge and expertise are stimulated through our continued engagement with our senior advisory board and global network of senior industry professionals.

As a result, Energy Knect is well-positioned to identify potential improvement areas within your business development function and employ proven strategies that support new business and revenue growth without the heavy investment tag.

Our value proposition that drives sustainable and long term growth

Our consultancy strategy aims to encourage new business and revenue growth through leveraging our global network and resources, and the deployment of our proven business development and marketing strategies .


We help you identify new opportunities and client challenges

Through our vast experience, global network and resources we undertake professional analysis to help your company identify their target market and the key challenges that they are facing


We ensure that your business proposition is aligned with your client’s pain points

With our quantitative and qualitative data research approach, we convert our analysis into a compelling business proposition that sets you apart from your competitors and encourages sustainable results

Engagement & Execution

We help you convert your efforts into commercial results

Through our proven business development strategies and techniques, and by leveraging our global partnerships, we help your company drive engagement by developing a tailored business development solution that converts your analysis into commercial results

A few of our clients and partners